Lamon Brewster
WBO Heavy Weight Champion of the World 2004-2005

"To Gabe, my 'Go To Man.' You're not a Doctor, you're not a chiropractor, I don't know what to call you - The Truth. Lamen BrusterWhen my back was in pain and the Doctor said it was my fifth lumbar and my chiropractor said it was out of place - none of that did anything.

When you saw me you knew right away that it was my hip flexor and right away you taught me how to fix it.

Within three treatments my back was brand new and I could fight without limitations. Six months later, I hit a guy on the top of the forehead as he was going down and jammed my hand and wrist. For three months I tried everything and within one session you found it and fixed it. Thanks for putting me back together!"

Diana Nyad
Senior News Correspondent
World Record Holder for the Longest Swim Ever (102.5 miles)
Inductee to the National Women's Sports Hall of Fame
Inductee to the National Swimming Hall of Fame

"Just as I was dreading a possible second surgery on my knee, Diana NyadGabe Luban convinced me that I simply needed a rigorous, dedicated routine of stretching and lengthening of specific muscles, tendons, and insertion points. Sure enough, a short few weeks later I was walking normally for the first time in four years.

Gabe is a therapist who custom-designs his treatments for each patient. I only wished I had known Gabe before my first knee surgery--he might have saved me from ever going under the knife!"


Vince VaughnVince Vaughn, Actor

"In the midst of training for a movie I threw my back out so bad that I was immobilized in bed. Had to crawl to go to get to the bathroom.

Within one treatment Gabe got me back on my feet again and by the end of the week I was back to work. Gabe's technique is terrific!"


Chuck Trout
Winner of ABC TV¹s Wipeout

Chuck TroutDuring the Wipeout competition I tweaked something in my right knee. After a couple of months of pestering pain, I went to Gabe. Within two treatments I¹m 85% better and thrilled that he figured it out. As an insatiable adventure athlete (paddle surfing, wakeboarding, mountain biking, snowboarding, softball, beach volleyball and just about anything anyone challenges me to) I¹m fortunate to have Gabe in my corner. His tune-ups have kept me in top form in spite of all that I put my body through!

Mark Greenberg & Andrea Ashworth

Mark Greenberg
UCLA Professor of Law and Philosophy

After years of weightlifting, running and basketball, I periodically suffer neck and back problems.  This is exacerbated by the fact that I'm a professor, spending a lot of time at the computer each day.  Whenever my back or neck flares up, Gabe rescues me. I've tried many other sophisticated therapists and therapies, but there's no one comparable to Gabe.  He has a range of knowledge of different kinds of approaches which is impressive, and he's extremely quick and efficient at providing relief. I can't recommend him highly enough!

Andrea Ashworth
Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

As an author, academic, and journalist, I spend too much time hunched over my keyboard, straining my neck.  Last time I drastically injured my neck, I lost almost all movement--until Gabe loosened things up with one miraculous session of rehabilitative bodywork.  Before being treated by Gabe, I had no idea that hands-on therapy could be so radically medicinal and immediately powerful!

Michael ThurmondMichael Thurmond
Television’s Bodymakeover Expert

"I have long standing back injuries, L4-L5-S1 bulging disks, osteoarthritis from years of heavy sports training. Gabe has not only alleviated my symptomology but he has kept me working and moving in good form without surgery.

I could not recommend anyone more highly! Put your trust in him, he is the best of the best. Any joint problems, pain, this guy is going to fix it. I sent my whole staff and family to him."

Gunter SchlierkampGunter Schlierkamp
Professional Bodybuilding Champion

"This work has really helped my body and my workouts. When I came in, my left shoulder wasn't pressing as far as my right and now, my trainer Charles Glass can see, it is back to balance with my right.

I have started getting my legs worked on, too, and my recovery time after a workout is three days faster and I can get rid of any pain.

Gabe, keep up the great work!"


Gordon EunserGordon Eunser
Diagnosed with Primary
Progressive Multiple Sclerosis October 1995

"Gabe: you have managed to keep my pain away longer than ever before. Thanks!

I used to get a massage every three or four days and then I would start hurting again to the point where my sleep was interrupted.

After a few treatments and some advice on changing my body positions, I am feeling great and able to go three to four months without a problem."


Howard ElkinHoward Elkin, M.D., F.A.C.C

"When I came to see Gabe, I couldn't walk a city block without having to sit down to quell the pain.  My back and hips were in such severe spasm that I couldn't function. 

As a medical doctor, I tried all conventional avenues: Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, mainstream medical (all kinds of anti-inflammatories and pain killers), none of them worked. 

Within six treatments, Gabe got me moving again.  A few months later I won a local body building competition and now I'm preparing for the masters nationals -- thanks to Gabe."

Bo Goldman, 2-time Academy Award Winner
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Melvin and Howard, Scent Of A Woman

Bo Goldman"I am a screenwriter in his mid-seventies with gout (contracted by wrong medication).  Gabe allowed me to function, alleviated the acute pain of acid crystals which assaulted wrists, hands and toes.  

He is a self-educated therapeutic magician with a farrier's forearms and the personality of a hip saint."

Mike BryanMike Bryan
#1 ATP Doubles Player in the World (September 2003)

"This is the most powerful and practical work I've gotten on the tour."

Patrick LemariéPatrick Lemarié
Formula 1 Test Driver for BAR,
Champs (Indy) Car Racer 2003

"I wish I could bring you to the races, and come more often [for treatments]. It's a very good technique!"

Sophia, Age 61
Wife, Mother, Grandmother

Sophia"I was suffering from a severe shoulder injury, to the point where the pain was a constant all day and I wasn't able to sleep at night. First I tried a conventional intervention, but the exercises that my doctor prescribed only made my symptoms worse until I couldn't lift my arm behind my hip or above my waist without excruciating agony, even the simplest tasks were difficult to accomplish. Then my doctor referred me to Gabe.

The treatments were pretty intense but afterwards, and throughout the week, I noticed significant improvements. Now I go through the day without pain and my range of motion has progressed to where I can lift my arm straight up and put my hand flat behind my back. Gabe is now working on the tendonitis in my legs and that too is improving.

Being almost pain free, after many years of thinking that it was something I was just going to have to live with, is great!  Thanks Gabe!!"

Tommy Haas and CoachTommy Haas
#2 ATP Singles Player in the World
(May 2002)
2004 Mercedes-Benz Cup Singles Champion

"This technique is very good, it helped my shoulder stay loose and I was able to play well through some very difficult matches."


Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis

"A lifelong competitive tennis player, I quit for years due to chronic knee pain. Top doctors were unable to diagnose the problem, in spite of extensive arthroscopic surgery.

Gabe did what traditional physicians could not: he identified the anatomical source of my pain and designed a treatment program to solve it. I now play tennis competitively three times a week, and recently won my league championship. Thanks to Gabe, I'm healthy again."

Michael Chang

Michael Chang

A 16-year veteran on the men's professional tennis tour, Michael had Gabe work on his hamstrings, quads, and hips during a recent stop on the 2002 Men's Professional Tennis Tour.

"Gabe's work feels like it pushes all the junk out of my muscles. It feels sore while he's working on me, but a good kind of sore—like it's breaking up the problem areas."

Gustavo Kuerten

Former #1 tennis player in the world, Guga was sidelined in 2001 with hip problems that required surgery in early 2002. Gustavo KuertenAmong his come-back events was the August '02 Men's Professional Tennis Tournament at UCLA, where Gabe was the official bodyworker. Guga requested Gabe's treatment of his hip several times throughout that week.

"Gabe's work got all the right spots and helped to release the tightness in my hip from all the pounding of these hard court matches. And I like his good mood! He also helped my coach Lari with his elbow."

Sebastian GrojeanSebastian Grosjean

#1 tennis player in France, Sebastian came to the Los Angeles Men's Professional Tennis Tour stop with a left adductor tear that had sidelined him for six weeks just prior to the tournament.

"Gabe's treatment allowed me to play with much more mobility and helped me to win the doubles. It was such a relief to get worked on, I would go twice a day."


Marketing Expert
Recreational Athlete

"When I first started fitness training this year, most exercises caused me pain. My trainer referred me to Gabe and he has been able to guide me past countless injuries to my lower back, ribs, knees, neck and shoulders.

For active people, this form of body work is essential!"

Mary SweenyMary Sweeny
Restaurateur and Equestrienne

"My work and recreation can be, and reliably are, very intense. From operating three high volume restaurants to competing in horse shows, my body racks up significant impacts. Gabe has helped me through an array of injuries and migraines that would have otherwise run my race-paced reality into brick walls (or should I say face first into hard-packed dirt?).

I use Gabe as a consultant when my employees encounter physical limitations because his work is more efficient and trustworthy than what I've experienced in tradition medicine. Thanks to Gabe for keeping me and my staff flying high!"

Alex Bogonolov

A tennis champion in the Juniors, 19-year-old Alex's first experience on the Alex BogonolovMen's Professional Tour resulted in a career win over Germany's number 1 player, Tommy Haas in August '02.

"The result of Gabe's first treatment on me was unbelievable. It allowed me to beat the top seed in the tournament pain-free."

Roxanne Davis


Roxanne Dompetitor

"I started treatment with Gabe Luban for a hamstring injury.  Amazingly, he is able to quickly find the exact spot of muscle strain/pain and work out the kinks.  His technique and personality are great! I highly recommend him."


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